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Honorable Lady
Rixende de Rouen

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Timeless Beads

Glass Bead Reproductions
Jhan A. Knebel


This is a preliminary website for me to publish my research and re-creations of pre-17th century glass beads and amphoras.

Current Bead Research and Re-creations Resources

Islamic Folded Glass Beads
Gold-Glass Roman Beads from Turkey
Halstatt Period European Glass Beads
Phoenician Head Bead

Phoenician Complex Eye Bead
Viking Raked Beads
Viking Stacked and Raked Beads

Angle-Saxon Twisited Latticino Bead

Anglo-Saxon "Figure-Eight" Beads

The Artist at Work
Setting up a "bare bones" studio

Bibliography of Sources
Bibliography of Online Sources
Classes and Handouts

Current Glass Research and Re-creations


Glass Bottle in the Form of a Fish - NEW PICTURES
Game Pieces - NEW PICTURE (Documentation forthcoming)

Non-Glass Related Projects

Favorite People and Things

Tudor Gown for Atlantian Coronation
Heraldic Display - coming soon
Clothing Newcomers - coming soon
Teaching Sewing - coming soon

My Family
The Center for Bead Research

International Society for Glass Beadmakers











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